Monolithic Step (linear and angular) in porcelain stoneware realized for dry pressing and digitally silkscreened. Available on two profiles and different structures to match the tile to which is combined and have a result of strong impact.


The classic Torello is available on two variants Fiorentino and Costa Toro (Mezza Luna) both in porcelain stoneware. Obtained for dry pressing and digitally silkscreened, then glued on tile or on metal grid for support the laying. This product is available in stock with a wide range of colors.


L-Elements is the ideal solution for outdoor as wall cover, sidewalks or balconies. Our range offers products realized for extrusion and for dry pressing, both in porcelain stoneware and digitally silkscreened. L-Elements for extrusion let freedom to the customer to choose the length by product (from 20 cm up to 60 cm). L-Element pressed can be realize in various structures and possibility with colored mixture so as to adapt perfectly to the tile.


Our swimming pool edges are produced either by extrusion than for dry pressing in porcelain stoneware; we range from the more technical product for sport pools up to a digitally silkscreened product ideal for residential pools.


We produce a wide range of special pieces for covering such as London, Cigars, Quarter Round and angular for Brick. Produced in white dough or porcelain for dry pressing and finally decorated in digital. We try to satisfy customer needs even making pieces "customized".